Types Of Available Wagers On Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have turned themselves into one of the most popular sporting franchises in America after they managed to win the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs. Based on their success it is no wonder that so many fans want to join the bandwagon and start betting on this winning team. Luckily for gamblers, the NFL betting markets are super extensive. In this article, we are going to look at different ways to make money on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Money Line Gambles

Every time the Tampa Bay Bucs take to the field, it is possible to gamble on them to win or you can select their rival to emerge victorious. Each game sports betting site will provide you with odds based on how likely it is the Bucs will win. If they are heavy favorites, you can’t win much based on your stake but if they are unlikely to snag a victory, you can often triple or quadruple your stake. The Bucs start playing in September so keep an eye on the money line and if you see a good value play make sure you lock it in before the odds shift. In their first game the Bucs are taking on the Dallas Cowboys and if you gamble on the Bucs to win you will receive -275 odds.

Spread & Handicap Gambling

Another form of gambling you are able to enjoy on every Tampa Bay game is known as spread betting. With this style of gamble, a sportsbook will place a points handicap on the team that is expected to win. The betting site will then offer the same odds on both teams. For example, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles and the Bucs are expected to be victorious so the betting site might give the Bucs a -7 points handicap. This means if you bet on the Bucs to win they have to finish the football game up by 8 points or more if they are only ahead by less than 7 points your bet loses.

Gambling On Over/Unders

A very popular play that many Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans like making is known as an over/under. In this wager, a sportsbook will pick a statistic and make a prediction. Then they allow you to choose a side and decide whether you think the real statistic will be higher or lower than their prediction. For example, if you wager on how many touchdowns the Bucs will score in their next match, the sportsbook might set the line at 3. If you take the over and Tom Brady throws 4 amazing touchdowns you win. It is possible to find all kinds of over/under wagers for Bucs games such as number of fumbles, total points, half time score, number of punts, and many more.

Cashing Out Big With Futures

Futures are all about predicting the outcome of an event way into the future. Usually with a futures bet multiple things have to happen before the bet pays out. The most common NFL futures are wagering on a team to claim the Super Bowl, make the playoffs or conquer their division. If you are a Tampa Bay fan then lucky for you as you are able to make lots of different futures. Currently, you will receive +700 odds on the Buccaneers claiming the Super Bowl again this season. This means a small $100 stake will net you $700 in profit.

Time to Wager!

So there you have it, you now know the most popular wagers you are able to make on the Buccaneers. We recommend you research these wagers closely and keep an eye out for great bets on the markets!