Are The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Worth Betting On Again?

Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Super Bowl victory in a dominant performance over the Kansas City Chiefs. Many didn’t think the aging Brady would be able to recreate his previous form at the Patriots but he proved critics wrong and made some lucky punters very rich. In this article, we are going to look at the different ways you can bet on the Buccaneers in the upcoming National Football League season and break down what the sportsbooks think their chances are of another championship.

First Game Of The Football Season

The football season kicks off in September and in their first match, Tampa Bay is up against the Dallas Cowboys. The Buccaneers are currently a substantial favorite (-275) over the Cowboys (+280) but it should still be a great football match. This means you need to be $275 on the Bucs to claim $100 while a $100 bet on the Cowboys pays out $280 in profit. This is no surprise as the Cowboys had a losing record last season and the Bucs have brought back all 22 starters from their championship run.

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The spread is currently at -6.5 for the Buccaneers and +7 for the Cowboy and is paying out -110. This means if you bet the Bucs to beat the spread they need to win by 7 points or more. Another interesting bet you can make in this game is the over/under which is currently set at 51.5 points. The Cowboys had one of the top offenses last year while the Bucs had an amazing defense, so it will be interesting if the Cowboys can score many points. We think that of these three options the high-value bet is taking the Bucs to win by 7 points or more, we think based on their strong defense, Tom Brady leading their offense, and the Cowboys without their star quarterback they should be able to cover the spread.

How Many Games Will The Buccaneers Win?

An interesting bet you can make is an over/under on the number of wins the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will accumulate during the next regular season. The current line is set at 12 and is paying out -110. This means a bet of $110 will net you $100 in profit. This appears to be a sharp line and taking the over doesn’t seem to offer any value as only one team in the American Football Conference (Green Bay Packers) managed to accumulate more than 12.
Last year the Buccaneers managed to win 11 games and based on the same team coming back this year and you might expect some improvements, however, winning 13 or more games is incredibly difficult. Also, the payout does not seem to justify the risks. If the sportsbook was offering longer odds it may make sense to try your luck on the over but for -110 it just isn’t worth it. We would recommend not taking either side of this wager.

Will The Bucs Take Their Division Or Conference?

Tampa Bay are bringing back a very strong football squad and, after re-signing Tom Brady to a big deal, you know they are going to be fired up and ready to compete. However, does that mean they will win their division or the notoriously tough National Football Conference?
The sportsbooks predict that the Buccaneers will win their division as they have them as a -189 favorite. Based on odds of -189, the betting sites think the Buccaneers have a 65% chance of winning their division. If you are wondering why this number is a little low, then look no further than the team that stands in their way, the New Orleans Saints.
Last year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost both of its divisional games to the New Orleans Saints and ended up losing the division to their rival, who managed a 12-4 record compared to the Bucs’ 11-5 record. Tom Brady managed to redeem himself after being swept for the first time in his career by guiding the Bucs to a win over the Saints in the playoffs. While the sportsbooks think that the Buccaneers will manage to keep the Saints at bay, they are taking into consideration what happened last year and that is why they give them a 65% chance of winning the division.
If you aren’t satisfied with those low -189 odds, you can take some extra risk and wager on the Bucs becoming National Football Conference champions. The sportsbooks are currently offering +310 odds, so for just a $100 bet, you could walk away with $310 in profit. Based on these odds betting sites only give the Bucs a 24.4% chance of being crowned division champions. We think this is a bet worth taking as historically betting against legendary football player Tom Brady has not been profitable. We think the odds should be closer to +230 and think there is some value here.

Odds Of Buccaneers Claiming Another Super Bowl

While the wagers described above offer some value if you want to earn some big cash off a small stake then placing some money on the Bucs to become repeat Super Bowl Champions makes sense. Currently, betting sites are offering +700 which means they think Tom Brady only has a 12.5% chance of winning again in the 2021 season, do you really think it is that low?
This is the greatest quarterback and maybe American football player of all time who will have the same team as last year by his side including his longtime teammate Gronkowski.
With +700 odds if you place a $100 wager will earn $700 in profit, not bad at all. While winning the National Football League is incredibly hard to do, Tom Brady has done it before and he is an expert at winning. We think gamblers who are willing to bet against him are crazy. If you want to take this wager make sure you do it early as every week those odds will start to drop especially if the Bucs win some early games.

Time to Act!

Now you know what wagers are worth making on the Buccaneers, it is time to find a sportsbook that offers great American football markets and lock in those odds. You should be able to find profitable bets on the Bucs throughout the season.