NFL Reveals COVID-19 Injury List Rules

Published by Cory Hays on

There was some speculation about how the NFL would handle COVID-19 cases in terms of the injury list but now the official document has come out. If a player has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they will be placed on the Exempt/Commissioner Permission List. Once they have been medically cleared and test negative for COVID-19, the team will be eligible for a roster exemption.

If the player was on the list for less than four week, they get a one-week roster exemption. If the player is on the list for more than four weeks, they get a two-week roster exemption. The players will have no minimum or maximum stay on the list. It all comes down to when they are cleared by medical personnel. The players who test positive for COVID-19 will still receive full pay as well even if they contracted COVID-19 not in the workplace.

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