NFL Unveils COVID-19 Masks for Players

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The NFL is going to look completely different when the 2020 season begins. The league is working to not have to delay or postpone the season in different ways. Teams are unveiling plans for fan capacity and the league recently sent out a game day memo to teams with how they will go down this season. Now, the league has revealed a mask that could potentially be used for players.

The Oakley Mouth Shield, which is designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 when players are lining up across from each other, is being distributed to all 32 teams this week. The teams will be expected to give their feedback to the league and Oakley on the shields.

According to an article from ESPN, The Oakley Prizm Lens Technology used by skiers, military personnel and, most recently, NFL players for enhanced color and contrast in their visors, is featured in the new design. Plastic sheets extend down and attach to the faceguard. There are airways and openings on the mouth shield but none that allow the direct transmission of droplets, according to the chair of the NFL’s engineering committee, Dr. Jeff Crandall.

This could be a way to allow the 2020 season to go untouched and continue as planned. Players like Buccaneers LT Donovan Smith have had concerns about COVID-19 being spread around but this mask count potentially stop the spread between the players on the field. The NFL is looking into multiple options and will choose the safest and most reliable one to make sure that the 2020 NFL season goes on with precautionary measures.

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