Is Jameis Winston Worth 30M?

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There have been reports that Jameis Winston wants an extension of 30 million per year. In addition, he has said he would be ‘extremely unhappy’ with a franchise tag. With the season nearing an end, in the wise words of Bucco Bruce Arians: “There’s been really, really good and there’s been some really, really bad.”

Jameis Winston will likely become the first QB in Buccaneer history to throw for 5000 passing yards. That is an incredible feat in itself and it shows a lot of potential for the future. Having two top-10 (some would argue top-5) wide receivers on the roster is a great start at making the NFL’s most effective offense. And with the emergence of Breshad Perriman, the team has a foundation at the receiving core to help Winston.

However, Winston still has turnover issues. For all the good Jameis does, you can not ignore that he has turned the ball over at an inexcusable rate. About ten of the current 28 can be blamed on receivers running wrong routes or dropped passes, but even 18 is too many in today’s NFL. Priority number one for a QB is to take care of the football and Jameis Winston has not done so.

Is he worth 30M a year? I myself would rather see a franchise tag despite the rumors of him being unhappy about it. Jameis still has great potential and with the current roster you would hate to start over at the face of the franchise. But the whole point in the NFL is to get better, whether that means keep Jameis or let him walk, the football needs to be protected if the Buccaneers want to be a successful franchise to start the next decade.

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