Jameis Winston Ranks Fifth Off of Play Action Through Week 10

Published by Cory Hays on

According to NFL Matchup, Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston ranks fifth in the NFL on play action passes by passer rating. Winston has a 121.5 QB rating which ranked behind Derek Carr with a 124.6, Daniel Jones with a 126.5, Kirk Cousins with a 127.2, and Russell Wilson with a 136.8. Winston thrives off of running play action, hurry up, and moving outside of the pocket. The Buccaneers should utilize the strengths of Winston more although he is averaging over 300 yards a game and the Offense is scoring 28.9 PPG which ranks 3rd in the NFL. The turnovers are always going to come with a QB especially Winston but it’s up to the coaching staff to adjust to the players strengths and also the Defense on not having the Offense play from behind to win.

Featured Image Credit: Gary Rohman- USA Today Sports

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