Lavonte David Majorly Underrated

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Buccaneers LB Lavonte David does not get the credit that he deserves across the league. According to @buccaneerscomms on twitter, David is the only player in the NFL with 20+ sacks and 12+ INTs since 2012. This is amazing considering all of the great talent at LB and in secondaries across the league. Lavonte David is the only player across the league to record 450+ tackles, 10+ sacks, and 5+ INTs, while leading the NFL in fumble recoveries (11) and ranking fifth in the category of forced fumbles (12). David is vastly underrated because he plays for the Bucs and nobody really gives players on the Bucs respect.

David in comparison to top LBs such as Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly matches up equally or better. David has more tackles for loss, sacks, forced fumbles, and fumble recoveries than both Kuechly and Wagner. He is an elite LB who should get a lot more recognition across the league and in the media but he doesn’t. Lavonte David has made the Pro Bowl only one season which is a disgrace because David has had 100+ tackles every season except one in his career. In conclusion, Lavonte David should be considered a top 3 player at his position.

Featured Image Credit: Kim Klement- USA Today Sports

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