Can the Buccaneers Save Their Season?

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Six weeks into the season, the Buccaneers are in a position that they hope they wouldn’t be again after more than a decade of losing. The Buccaneers are currently 2-4 after winning games that most had them losing and losing games that they should’ve won. There is only a 4% chance that teams that start 2-4 make the playoffs. Is the season already lost? What can the Buccaneers do to salvage their season?

Get the ball in Jameis’ hands:

Jameis Winston has 10 interceptions, five that came in just the last game. But before last weeks tragedy, Jameis had thrown ten touchdowns and only two interceptions in a four game span with nearly 1,200 yards. The Buccaneers currently have the best one-two punch in the NFL with Wide Receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. This team will only go as far as the offense takes them and not utilizing two of their biggest weapons in Tight Ends Cameron Brate and OJ Howard means they’re not utilizing their full potential. Get the ball in Jameis’ hands and let him work and thrive in this new offense. Like Bruce Arians always says “no risk no biscuit” and being conservative won’t get you the biscuit

Start Ronald Jones:

At the start of the season, it was made clear that Peyton Barber would be the number one Running Back on the depth chart. That should now change. Ronald Jones II is just the faster, more explosive runner who makes decisions quickly and hits the hole without hesitation. Jones II brings a spark to the offense and has come close to hitting the homerun Tampa drafted him to do. It’s only a matter of time. Splitting reps is only hurting Jones II. It’s time to take the training wheels off

Bench Vernon Hargreaves III:

It might be the best option at this point. Vernon Hargreaves III has given up enough yards to land him in the top five “most generous” Cornerbacks in the league. Constantly lost and trailing his opposing Wide Receivers, Hargreaves III Has looked like a shell of the person who held Christian McCaffrey to negative yardage on the last play from fourth and a half yard in Week 2. Letting guys like Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jamel Dean get reps might not be the worst idea Tampa has had. I don’t think it can get much worse.

Trade for a Lineman:

If Tampa really wants to win games this season, the only way they’ll achieve that is by trading for an Offensive Lineman. The Buccaneers have already suffered two injuries on the line with Guard Alex Cappa breaking his arm and Tackle Demar Doston showing his age with calf and hamstring injuries and not being able to play in last weeks game. In said game, the team gave up seven sacks to the Panthers. The worst thing about this issue is that it was an issue last year and it wasn’t addressed and now it’s rearing its ugly head. This poses the issue of limiting Arians air-it-out playbook. No time to throw = no time for longer developing plays

Unleash Devin White:

This one is a little more obvious, especially with Devin White only playing his first whole NFL game since Week 1, in which he led the team with nine tackles. White was one of the biggest game changers in college football last season and should be used as such here in Tampa especially on designed Linebacker blitzes which we have not seen since the preseason against the Dolphins. White has the speed to cover even the fastest Running Backs and should have no problem getting to opposing Quarterbacks. The more he learns and grows in this new scheme and transitions into the NFL, the more impact plays he’ll make.

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