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Today was undoubtedly a rough “stats” game for Jameis, and he certainly will (as he always does) take responsibility and blame himself for the turnovers, whether they were all “on him” or not.

However, after watching and then re-watching the game, below are my thoughts:

The first turnover (INT) was 50% on JW and 50% on Mike Evans. It was a tight window throw (which one would like to avoid if possible, though if you watch Jameis Winston, he rarely ever gets to throw to wide-open receivers, unlike what Kyle Allen was able to do many times in today’s game and what many other QBs (Dak Prescott for example) get to do on a regular basis) and a catchable pass but the Panthers James Bradberry outworked Evans and came up with the pick.

The second turnover was 100% on the OLine (and they played terrible today, make no mistake about it). Jameis did nothing at all wrong on this play and no quarterback on earth deserves to get blamed for a turnover like this one.

The third turnover (lost fumble) was, in my view, 100% on Winston. Yes, the line failed to block well and yes he got nailed, but he had time to throw the ball away, period. It was a bad turnover and took a field goal opportunity off the board for Tampa, though it did not actually result in any points for the Panthers, as they punted shortly thereafter, before Winston threw a PERFECT deep-ball to Mike Evans that should have easily resulted in a 74 yard TD pass from Winston to Evans, drawing the Bucs within 3 points at half-time. However, Evans inexplicably dropped the pass. More on Evans, who could have and should have had a MONSTER game today, if not for multiple drops and multiple lack of effort plays. I have no doubt Evans apologized to Winston after the game … seriously.

The fourth turnover is hard to call as Jameis got blasted by a Panthers defender right as he threw and the ball came out wobbling before being picked by Luke “Captain America” Kuechly, who made a great play. I have no problem saying Winston was 50% responsible for this pick and the line 50% responsible, but it’s hard to tell, as it could have been “all on” Winston and the pass perhaps would have been intercepted even if he wasn’t hit, or it could have been ‘all on” the OLine and the pass would have been completed or at least simply fell incomplete if Winston had not been blasted as he threw.

The fifth turnover (INT) was a perfect example of why Jameis Winston is Brett Favre 2.0, and a perfect illustration about how “stats” mean nothing to him and he will always try to make the play the team needs to be made, even if the odds of such resulting in a turnover are high. This turnover came on a 4th&10 throw where Jameis easily could have “missed badly” and thrown the ball out of bounds or at the ground, to “preserve his passer rating” and make sure he didn’t record another interception the media can latch onto in order to bash him for; however, that is not Jameis Winston. He made a good throw to a tightly covered Chris Godwin and the Panthers Russ Cockrell simply won the matchup with Godwin and came up with the pick. Jameis did nothing wrong on the play, nor did Godwin; simply put, it was a turnover of necessity for lack of a better phrase.

However, it should be pointed out that this interception should also never have happened, had Mike Evans not had another inexplicable drop on a well thrown deep-ball from Jameis, just three plays earlier on this very drive, a catch that would have given the Bucs a 1st & Goal.

The fifth turnover was yet another example of why I love watching Jameis Winston play football and why I maintain he is Brett Favre 2.0. He threw the right pass and put it on the money in the end zone, giving Mike Evans a 50/50 ball and a shot at catching a 20 yard TD pass and bringing the Bucs to within 32-37 with a shot at a 2-point conversion to cut the deficit to just 3 points. Evans seemed to lose the ball a bit, turned the wrong way, gave poor effort and the pass was intercepted by the Panthers James Bradberry.

In truth, Mike Evans, very easily could have finished the game with 13 catches for 234 yards and 2 TDs. Instead he finished the game with 9 catches for 96 yards, no TDs and likely with apologies to Jameis for his lacklustre play that cost the Bucs at the very least 14 points and likely 17-21 points (his one non-touchdown drop would have given the Bucs a 1st & Goal, yet that drive ended with an interception on a 4th down pass attempt from the Panthers 45 yard line. Mike Evans literally left and 134 yards and 2 TDs on the field and I have no doubt he rightly blames himself for such, as Evans, like Winston, doesn’t have a “diva” bone in his body and is one of the best teammates in the NFL.

So, what is my overall takeaway on Jameis Winston’s rough “stats” game today? It’s the same takeaway I’ve had after watching everyone of Jameis’ games over the past six years, namely, that he doesn’t care about “stats” at all, will make the throws that need to be made to give his team the best chance to win or “comeback” even if he knows he could “preserve passer rating” and escape extra media scrutiny of he would simply “miss” and throw the ball where there’s not even a risk of the pass being intercepted (I am speaking of course about his last two interceptions). However, like Brett Favre, he plays to win, doesn’t care about stats, has a snap and clear mind-set and a legendary level of confidence, and those qualities make him both one of the most fun to watch quarterbacks on earth, as well as a guy who will likely always have more turnovers than the average quarterback.

And, just so everyone knows, I have reached out to various media already and let them know that I am ready to be interviewed THIS WEEK, after Jameis’ worst “stats game” of the season, as I have no doubt false-narratives will be flowing and certain media trolls will be happily trolling, yet context and truth will be ignored, and I’m more than happy to “set the record straight”. I happily invite any and all media that is biased against Jameis to invite me for an interview after he has “bad stats games”, but my guess is they still won’t do so, as they know I will shut down false narratives with truth and leave them scratching their heads and with “comebacks” that lack substance, which their audience will be able to see through.

As always … I will debate any main stream media member at any time, on any platform, if the subject being discussed is related to Jameis Winston. Bring it on.

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