Referees Cost Tampa BIG in New Orleans

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The Buccaneers lost 31-24 in New Orleans and it was a complete team loss but the play on the field wasn’t just ugly from the Bucs. The officiating crew was ugly as well. Two plays could’ve been difference makers in the game and both were ruled incorrectly by the referees. The first play was a fumble recovery by the Buccaneers on a Saints muffed punt that the referees ruled that there was no clear recovery. The second play was the opening drive of the second half where WR Mike Thomas is battling CB Vernon Hargreaves III down the sideline and gets separation by extending his arms leading to a big gain and then a TD by Ted Ginn Jr. which put the Saints lead at 24-10.

The referees get paid a good amount of money to go out on the field and make the correct call but majority of the time do not. Head Coach Bruce Arians challenged both of these plays and both rulings were upheld in favor of New Orleans. If you watched the game, FOX zoomed in their camera on Arians and he was irate. The officials screwing up calls is nothing new and could now potentially become another point that the players bring up in their CBA negotiations.

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Matt · October 7, 2019 at 12:18 PM

This isn’t the reason we lost. We intercepted the ball a couple plays later and scored. That wasn’t offensive pass interference. It was called getting burnt. Vernon struggles with Thomas all day.

    Jake Hanzel · October 7, 2019 at 2:40 PM

    That’s Called a Blatant Pushoff and you know it.

Charles · October 7, 2019 at 4:25 PM

It was a push off!!! We did recover the fumble on the kick off!!! I’ve also heard a nasty rumor that officials feel bad because of what happened to the saints last year.. I also think if we had a shut down Ramsey..we have a good start on building a good secondary. Alot of the guys are rookies or 2 years in.. our GM needs to make an enticing trade offer to the jaguars and bring Ramsey who can help teach our younger players how to play. If our GM doesn’t make something happen I say all us Buc’s fans need to let the ownership of the Buc’s that our GM isn’t worried about winning just about lining his pocket instead of worrying about winning championships. You have to take a chance sometimes to bring in talent if you have to give something up. Get busy Jason… Your letting all of us Buc’s fans down!!!!!!

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