Jameis’ Best Football Ahead of Him?

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It’s a new Jameis Winston this year. Or is it? We have seen games where Jameis has looked to be a franchise quarterback and then just a few weeks later has a multi-interception game. So we have seen Jameis perform well, but is this different? Over the last three weeks, Jameis has thrown for 973 yards (9.3 YPA, 324.3 YPG) 64.6 completion percentage, 8 TDs and just 2 interceptions.

Jameis’ last three games rank among one of the best quarterbacks in the league alongside Patrick Mahomes. On the season, Mahomes has 377.5 YPG, 9.7 YPA and a completion percentage of 67. If Jameis can keep those numbers going, he’d be looking at a 4,668 yard season and a massive pay raise. The 9.3 YPA is impressive for managing to keep near 65 completion percentage. And the number is just going to go up as he learns the complex offense more.

Most people will look at those interceptions and say “same old Jameis!” Those people would be wrong. Jameis Winston is a very accurate quarterback from short to medium throws. Unfortunately, not on those interceptions. One pass was to Evans on a short route across the middle that he just missed due to his feet not being set, and the other was an inaccurate pass to Bobo Wilson on a comeback route.

But here’s the kicker, they were the right reads. And like it or not, being able to make the right read is the most important trait for a quarterback. “What about the unforgivable decisions against the 49ers?!” If you flashback to week 1, Bruce Arians said the interceptions weren’t Jameis’ fault. At the time it sounded ridiculous. But looking at how he’s been playing recently, maybe there was truth to Bucco Bruce’s word.

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