Post Week 4 Buccaneer Power Rankings

Published by Cory Hays on

The Buccaneers came out on Sunday and absolutely destroyed the Los Angeles in their own house 55-40. The national media has only talked about the Rams performance and not really looking into how well the Bucs played. Below are some of the power rankings after the win.

Washington Post: 13 (Last Week 24)

CBS Sports: 22 (Last Week 23)

ESPN: 21 (Last Week 23)

Bleacher Report: 22 (Last Week 24) 21 (Last Week 24)

USA Today: 13 (Last Week 24)

NBC Sports: 18 (Last Week 23)

Sports Illustrated: 21 (Last Week 25)

Yahoo Sports: 20 (Last Week 24)

Featured Image Credit: Mark J. Terrill- Associated Press

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