All Things Buccaneers Week 4 Predictions

Published by Cory Hays on

Below are the All Things Buccaneers team members predictions for the game today.

Justin 27-17 Rams

Cory 24-20 Rams

Kevin 24-21 Bucs

Ashlie 31-24 Bucs

Corey 27-24 Bucs

Miles 40-24 Rams

Leonard 32-27 Rams

Kellen 24-13 Bucs

It’s a clean split between the Bucs and Rams at 4. 4 members believe the team moves to 1-3 and loses to the Rams and 4 members believe that the team rebounds and gives the Rams their first loss of the 2019 season. It’ll be interesting to see which of these predictions comes the closest to being correct.

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