Dirk Koetter Offense: Jameis Winston and Matt Ryan

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The Dirk Koetter Offense is off and running in Atlanta. Koetter runs a vertical Offense which means that all receivers run deep routes and either break off for the comeback or just continue running deep. This is something that didn’t work in Tampa as it forced the QBs to try and play out of their element just to adjust to his playbook.

QB Matt Ryan has 5 INTs through 2 games this season and he only had 7 all of last season. This tells you something about Dirk Koetter. He wants to take chances down the field which makes his QBs more at risk of turning the ball over. The plays downfield won’t connect the majority of the times that they’re run so it makes the QB look bad and not the coach. Below are the stats of QB Jameis Winston and QB Matt Ryan their first three seasons under Koetter.

Matt Ryan 2012-2014:

2012- 32 TDs, 14 INTs, 4,719 yards in 16 games

2013- 26 TDs, 17 INTs, 4,515 yards in 16 games

2014- 28 TDs, 14 INTs, 4,694 yards in 16 games

Total- 86 TDs, 45 INTs, 13,928 yards


Jameis Winston 2015-2017:

2015- 22 TDs, 15 INTs, 4,042 yards in 16 games

2016- 28 TDs, 18 INTs, 4,090 yards in 16 games

2017- 19 TDs, 11 INTs, 3,504 yards in 13 games

Total- 69 TDs, 44 INTs, 11,636 yards


The numbers are pretty similar in terms of interceptions. This is because Koetter loves to take the shots downfield and see what the Defense will give him. For example, Matt Ryan won MVP in 2016 with 4,944 passing yards, 38 TDs, and 7 INTs. Coaching absolutely makes a difference and currently it looks like Matt Ryan is going backwards because of Koetter. Lets hope that Winston takes a step forward this season under former QB Byron Leftwich and Bruce Arians.

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