Notable QBs with 3+ INT Games

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According to The Athletic’s Greg Auman, here is a list of notable QBs who have had lots of 3+ INT games and all of them are either in the Hall of Fame or will be soon enough.

Notable QBs with 3+ INT games:

Brett Favre 39

Joe Namath 32

Johnny Unitas 28

Terry Bradshaw 25

Dan Marino 24

Peyton Manning 20

Drew Brees 18

John Elway 17

To put things into perspective, it’s never a good thing to have lots of multiple INT games but you see how these QBs ended up. Favre won 1 Super Bowl, Namath won 1, Unitas won 1 and 3 NFL Championships, Bradshaw won 4, Marino won 0, Manning won 2, Brees has won 1, and Elway won 2. These were franchise QBs and they eventually won the Super Bowl so Jameis will more than likely get to the Super Bowl eventually if history is any indication.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Ludtke- Associated Press

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