All Things Buccaneers Week 2 Bucs vs Panthers Predictions

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Below are the All Things Buccaneers team member predictions for tonight’s game against the Panthers on Thursday Night Football.

Cory: 27-13 Bucs

Kevin: 21-14 Bucs

Ashlie: 30-20 Panthers

Miles: 17-13 Bucs

Leonard: 24-13 Bucs

Corey: 20-17 Bucs

Justin: 24-17 Bucs

Shane: 27-21 Panthers

Doran: 16-10 Bucs

After a disappointing week 1, there are a few members who believe that the Bucs will lose tonight. This is also in part due to the Bucs having a rough history of primetime games recently. Lets just hope they go into Bank of America Stadium and handle business. Go Bucs!

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