Bruce Arians on the risk and reward of Ronald Jones II being kick returner

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Feature image credit: Mark Cook from Pewter Report

On Monday, Head Coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media and spoke about RB Ronald Jones II returning kicks. Here is what he had to say via

“In all returners, it is. It’s something you look at. You know that if he breaks the first wave, he’s gone, and he can break a tackle rather than putting a little guy back there that gets blown up and the ball comes out. Teams that want to kick it to the goal line and see if they can get you behind the 20, 25 [yard line] – a guy that’s explosive sometimes, [they think] ‘No, let’s just kick it out.’ That’s always what goes into it. I think if we block – he had a crease the other night and we missed one block, and I think he’d have come out of there pretty hard.”

Arians is correct in saying that Jones II is very explosive. We didn’t get to see any of this explosiveness under previous coach Dirk Koetter. If you watched Jones II at  USC, you’d know that once he gets through a hole with some momentum, he’s gone. That’s how it’ll be on kickoffs as well. If Jones II gets blocks downfield and sees open space, we could potentially have our first kickoff return for a touchdown since Michael Spurlock on November 7, 2010.

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