Bruce Arians on Andrew Luck’s Sudden Retirement

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On Sunday, Bruce Arians held a press conference with the media. Here is what he had to say about Andrew Luck’s surprising retirement via

“Yeah, just knowing his toughness and his mental toughness, this does surprise me. Something has got to be wrong somewhere – I know because he loves the game so much. I [broadcasted] two of their games last year and he was running off the bus to come say hi and tell me about how the team was doing and the young receivers and how excited he was. So, to see it, that was very disheartening.”

Bruce Arians was in Indianapolis when Luck got drafted so he has a bond with Andrew. Andrew Luck had such an amazing rookie season that it must have been a pleasure for Arians to coach him. Luck played 7 seasons in the NFL and throughout his career he couldn’t overcome getting injured. He was running for his life behind that Offensive Line in Indy. Bucs fans seem to think that the Tampa Offensive Line could end up getting Jameis Winston injured as well. We’ll see if Arians and company do anything to the Offensive Line to protect Jameis after Luck’s retirement.

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