Peter King Breaks Down Jameis Winston Film

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NBC Sports analyst Peter King goes on a training camp tour every year. When he came to Tampa, he checked out QB Jameis Winston and decided to break down some film.

The first clips from different angles was from last years Cincinnati game where Winston was picked off and the pass was taken back for a pick 6. In this clip, Jameis ignores the check down pass and tries to thread the needle into coverage which rarely ever goes the right way.

In the second clip, Winston is shown progressing game one of preseason against Pittsburgh. He throws an out route to Perriman, a check down to the flat to Barber, another short route to Godwin, screen pass to Jones II, and another pass to Godwin behind the line which he took for a TD.

When King interviewed Winston, Jameis said that doing his job is being a quarterback and game manager when he needs to. Winston also says that he needs to take losses when he has to and throwing the ball away is okay. It’s okay to take a sack or throw the ball away instead of forcing it. Peter King says so far so good for Winston in terms of changing his game from the previous few seasons. It seems like Winston is becoming the QB that everyone thought he could be when he was taken 1st overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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