Byron Leftwich: “He Doesn’t Need Fixing”

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Yahoo Sports Senior NFL writer Kimberley A. Martin recently spent some time in Tampa. She spoke with a variety of people including Jameis Winston, Bruce Arians, and Byron Leftwich. The topic of discussion of course was Jameis Winston and this upcoming season.

So far in his career, Jameis Winston has had two head coaches. Now he is going on his third with Bruce Arians. Arians tells Yahoo Sports “He feels bad that they didn’t win and his coach got fired. I can tell.”

Winston was selected 1st overall in 2015 and has been hit or miss. His turnovers get picked out as his biggest thing on the field he has to work on and he continues to get talked about for off the field issues which happened years ago. Jameis is looking to finally get past all of that being more mature because of his son and fiancée.

Jameis Winston knows that this season is his season. He has always been a winner until he arrived in Tampa. He’s ready to turn this franchise around and start winning again. It’s his time to shine now.

Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich had this to say about Winston: “This is not a situation where we all have to put our heads together and fix Jameis. This kid don’t need fixing,” Leftwich is absolutely correct. Jameis doesn’t need fixing. All he truly needs is the right people around him and limit his turnovers.

There is no need for Winston to play superman or hero ball this season. Winston understands that he has so much weight on his shoulder and he will be taking that challenge and running with it. He just needs to play game manager and make the best decisions to lead the Buccaneers to wins and their first playoff berth since 2007.

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