Devin White on What He Has Enjoyed About Transition from College to the NFL

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On Tuesday, rookie LB Devin White was available to the media. Here is what he had to say about what he has enjoyed about transitioning from college to the NFL via

“Just being out there with the boys, being with the ones and making plays – it feels good to transition from college to the NFL so well. Every day I wake up, I just [am] so thankful. I attacked the process full steam ahead, like I [am] one of the first ones up here getting my body ready and stuff and watching a little film on my own up here as well as at home. I feel like I am doing everything right right now. The only thing is just time now, waiting for the first game, so I am patiently waiting.”

White should be very thankful that he is living his dream being in the NFL. He is making a living now as a first round draft pick and playing the game of football with the Bucs. Devin was crowned the QB of the Defense so he’s making the calls on the field throughout the game and so far during the preseason he’s done a good job with it. His potential has not even been flashed in preseason yet with limited snaps but come Week 1 he’ll be full speed ahead for the Buccaneers.

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