Max Kellerman: Jameis Winston is the Most Overrated QB in the NFL

Published by Cory Hays on

On First Take, Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith were debating on who is the most overrated QB in the NFL. Kellerman said Jameis Winston. This isn’t the first time that Kellerman has opened his mouth about Winston. Just last season, Kellerman said that the Bucs needed to move on from Winston because he’s not a good QB.

Kellerman is a boxing expert and everything that comes out of his mouth about other sports is complete crap. Winston may be inconsistent sometimes in his game but he is not overrated. If anything, Winston is underrated.

Jameis Winston in his career has 14,628 passing yards, 88 TDs, and 58 INTs. Winston holds multiple franchise and league records at the QB position and is on pace to break the Buccaneers franchise yardage record this season. Winston is out to show the league this season that he is better than they believe and he is in fact not overrated just because he was a number 1 overall pick.

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