Practice Time Against Dolphins Will Determine Playing Time on Friday

Published by Cory Hays on

Head Coach Bruce Arians said on Sunday that the Bucs get two full practices against a team that isn’t their own. Here is the quote via

“It’s a great thing. We get two full practices against somebody else, getting all of the situations covered against somebody else. And, we don’t have to play our guys as much in the game because we’ll get so much good work together.”

Bruce Arians believes that the guys should get great work against the Dolphins in practice so they won’t need to play much on Friday. This could be a little disappointing for fans who tune in to see their favorites play. The team doesn’t really want to show their hand to other teams so this could possibly be the reason why Arians said that the two practices against Miami may cause him to not play players as much Friday. We’ll see how it all shapes out against the Dolphins.

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