Bucs Backup Secondary: YIKES?!

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Hey! Hey! Tampa Bay fans! What’s going on? Hope everyone had a fun night last Friday when our Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Mecca of the Burgh at Heinz Field. The coaching debut of Bruce Arians and his staff for the good guys was a breath of fresh air. We were delighted with the potential of this team and our secondary. If they can stay healthy, we can see a very competitive squad with a fighting chance for a wild card spot in the NFC. However, I tell you if the Buccaneers secondary starts to go down with injuries then we could be in for a very long season. 

After watching rookie defensive back Sean Murphy-Bunting struggle  against the backups of the Pittsburgh Offense, he definitely looked like a rookie. However, Murphy-Bunting did show a small spark of why he was drafted as a 2nd round pick by the Bucs and even with that he was called out by Coach Arians saying, “Bunting didn’t show up tonight,” Arians said. “I would like to see him show up and get his hands on the ball.”.

Another guy who is inconsistent is starting CB Vernon Hargreaves III, who did get burnt a little against Pittsburgh’s WR corps. VHII did however bounce back with a beautiful interception even though it didn’t count which showed he could potentially make those flash plays he is expected to make. Also, if I see Ryan Smith again on the field except for special teams I’m going to drive to Raymond James Stadium and tell Coach Bowles to please keep Mr. Smith off of the football field. He continues to be a liability in the backfield and his specialty as a gunner is his designed role and should stay that way.

Nevertheless, the defensive backs still got time to adjust and get things in top gear. They have three more preseason games before the real games matter on September 8th.

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