Ryan Griffin: QB2?

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5th year Buccaneers QB Ryan Griffin came in to the preseason game against the Steelers in the 2nd quarter and put on one hell of a performance. The 7 year NFL veteran has never taken a regular season NFL snap but he somehow always shows his potential in the preseason.

Head Coach Bruce Arians described Griffin’s performance as “outstanding”. Ryan Griffin came in and went 26/43 for 330 yards and 1 TD while being sacked 4 times resulting in 30 yards lost. He had a nice connection with WR Spencer Schnell as Schnell caught 7 passes for 119 yards.

Griffin seems to always show promise that he can be a backup QB in the NFL which is why the Bucs keep him around. Ryan Griffin has been with the Bucs every season since Jameis Winston has been with the organization and he just sits and learns the game while never getting an opportunity.

Griffin is in a battle with Blaine Gabbert to win the QB2 job and last nights performance from both men makes it hard to know which one the coaching staff will choose. If the coaching staff chose based on meaningful playing time in the NFL, then Blaine Gabbert wins it hands down. If the coaching staff chose based on career preseason, Ryan Griffin wins the job. The next 3 weeks will be interesting to see if Griffin can beat out Gabbert for that backup job but at the moment Griffin will continue to be just a 3rd QB on the Buccaneers roster.

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