Mike Evans on Jameis Winston

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WR Mike Evans was available to the media prior to training camp on Wednesday. Here is what Evans had to say about QB Jameis Winston via Buccaneers.com:

“I feel like he gets better and better every year. I know he gets hurt sometimes – the past couple of seasons he’s been hurt. This year he’s looking really really, good in practice. He’s taking the coaching very well. One thing I like about Jameis is that he always tries to make adjustments. So, if we get something in practice or in the game that he doesn’t like, we’ll try to hit it in practice. If I’m running a route a certain way, he’ll try to get that with me in practice or if he sees something, he’ll try to correct it in film. So, I like the way that he tries to make adjustments.”

Jameis Winston seems to be figuring out the Offense after starting off training camp with some days of INTs and has recently looked good like Mike said. Evans and Winston have great chemistry because of their work together in the offseason and they will continue to this year under Arians and his coaching staff. Jameis Winston has been told that he doesn’t need to be Superman by Arians so he’s listening and like Mike said it’s something that Evans likes. Winston is always looking to get better and making adjustments is something that is going to take Tampa to the next level and in the right direction this season and the foreseeable future.

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