Buccaneers Secondary Improvement

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Hey! Hey! Tampa Bay fans!  While going into the second week of training camp, the Buccaneers secondary is showing improved signs of improvement with a fresh aggressive approach. This approach is Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles scheme which is the complete opposite of former Bucs DC Mike Smith and his playing off 10 yards for his Defensive Backs and his passive-aggressive style of play.

Tampa added 3 DBs in this year’s past draft (Sean Murphy-Bunting, Jamel Dean, and Mike Edwards). They are all very skilled players in their own right while adding on to a healthy Vernon Hargreaves III,  up and comer Carlton Davis, and MJ Stewart who are looking to improve in a scheme they could be familiar with while playing to their strengths.

The Buccaneers, who were next to dead last in the defensive ranks, had an astounding 464 points against last season. Under the new approach, they are looking to be more aggressive at the point of attack which will incorporate some bump and run and playing a lot of press-man coverage. This will help give the pass rushers the time that they need to help get after the QBs of the tough NFC South.

From some of the early reporting so far, we are seeing Edwards is looking to become a possible day one starter at the Free Safety position. You might have Murphy-Bunting playing between the outside DB slot and playing some in the Nickle position as well. 

For the vast improvements and the attention to detail that Coach Bowles brings, he is making these guys pay attention to their man and look to be those attackers that the Buccaneers have surely missed in a long time. This could be the start of a young new defensive core here in Tampa and for Coach Arians. This young team could be headed into Win-Now mode very soon so look out NFC South and the rest of the league.

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