Buccaneers Turn Up The Heat

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For Friday’s practice, the Buccaneers practiced inside of the indoor training facility. This was a different kind of practice however as the team continues to prepare for the upcoming season. The Bucs and Bruce Arians turned up the heat by way of the thermostat by setting it to 85 degrees to simulate the Florida heat and humidity.

Bruce Arians said that the Bucs are using the temperature change to set up humidity-wise and temperature-wise for that blazing sun. Arians said that he will keep the heat on moving forward to the season. This may affect some fans who want to come and watch the team but the change is just to get the team ready for what is to come. Arians said “it’s sports science and if the fans want to come, come. I’m worried about getting the team in shape.”

The practice times are varying throughout Training Camp because the Bucs do not only play at one specific start time this season. In September, the Buccaneers have three games with start times at 4:05 or 4:25 and a primetime Thursday Night Football game at 8:20 in Carolina. This is a different look for the team as the schedule in 2018 had all but one game start at 1:00pm ET. If Arians is truly changing the culture, then it’s a great idea getting the team acclimated to all kinds of temperatures and start times.

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