Mike Edwards Goals For This Season

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Rookie Safety Mike Edwards spoke to the media Saturday and was asked about his goals for the 2019-2020 NFL season. Here is what Edwards had to say:

“[My goal is] just to make my team better. I mean, [I] really [don’t have any] personal goals. My main goal is to win the championship. So, as long as I do my part and help the team get better, that’s all I could ask for. All the accolades will come as long as I try to work hard for the team. All the little single player accolades will come.”

The championship mentality from Edwards is something that we don’t really hear from players anymore. Mike Edwards is very unselfish and just wants to go out there and win a Super Bowl with his teammates for the Buccaneers organization. Edwards is right that the single accolades will come but the end goal is truly a Super Bowl. If Edwards could come in and immediately make an impact as a rookie which results in a Super Bowl then the fans will truly embrace the diamond in the rough that the Bucs drafted in the second round.

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