Head Coach Bruce Arians on Mike Edwards Versatility and How He Reminds Him of Tyrann Mathieu

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Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians spoke very highly of rookie Safety Mike Edwards and said that he reminds him of the honey badger Tyrann Mathieu. Here is what Arians had to say about Edwards versatility and how he reminds him of Mathieu:

“Teaching him both. He is really such a versatile player. That first day, I don’t know if you saw the interception he had the first day of rookie school. He’s got great ball skills. We want to see him play the middle. We know he can play down [and] play nickel, so can he middle? We can do a lot of things defensively.

“He really does [remind me of him], he has those instincts. I think he is a couple tackles away from being the all-time leading tackler in Kentucky history – that’s [includes] pretty good players. We know he can tackle, but his ball skills really amaze me.”

At Kentucky, Mike Edwards recorded 190 tackles and 10 INTs in his four season. Edwards was considered by many to be the most underrated Safety and a diamond in the rough coming into the NFL. Mike Edwards has said that he doesn’t care about individual accolades and the only thing he cares about is a championship. This is the type of mindset that the Buccaneers have needed from their secondary players for a while and he will be in competition to start from day one. Mike Edwards models his game after Tyrann Mathieu so Arians will look to utilize him in the same exact way that Mathieu was used in Arizona. Buccaneers fans were calling for Mathieu to be signed the last two offseason but it looks like the organization may have found their own Badger in the draft.

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