Jameis Winston on Not Having Former Teammate Gerald McCoy in the Locker Room With Him Anymore

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Jameis Winston had this to say about not having former teammate Gerald McCoy in the locker room anymore:

“I know I personally am going to miss Gerald McCoy and I know we as a team are going to miss him, but he’s an opponent of ours now. Just for the love of the game, we’re going to be going against each other now, but he is a great brother of mine. I love him and I wish the best for him.”

Jameis Winston and Gerald McCoy were teammates for the four seasons that Winston has been in Tampa. Jameis Winston is the quarterback so he is considered the captain of the Offense and Gerald McCoy had been a captain for so many years in Tampa so it can be hard to see a teammate like McCoy move on to a team such as division rival Carolina. McCoy and the Bucs went their separate ways after nine seasons and soon after the team cut McCoy they signed Ndamukong Suh to replace him. We’ll see if Winston and Suh can have the same type of chemistry together as McCoy and Winston did. As for McCoy, Winston and the Bucs will see him in a matchup Week 2 on Thursday Night Football in Charlotte.

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