Devin White on What Stands Out About QB Jameis Winston

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LB Devin White seems like he is excited to get to work with QB Jameis Winston. White had the following to say about Winston:

“I say the thing that strikes me most about Jameis is his care for other people. You know he’s always willing to go above and beyond for everybody else and put everybody before himself. And just, how much he puts the team before himself, because even with us being here for the quarterback school, Jameis, when I get here he is like the first one in the building and when I leave – I called him the other day to use his truck to be able to transport some TVs and stuff from the store, and I was like, ‘ Where you at, are you coming from your house?’ He was like, ‘No. I’m still at the facility.’ So that lets you know how much he cares and how much he wants this team to succeed. He knows it starts with him because he’s the quarterback of the offense. So, I love seeing that approach from him, and it kind of let me know where I need to be as player too, being the quarterback of the defense.”

Devin White loves that QB Jameis Winston is always working even when the rest of the team is gone for the day. It is known that Winston is the first person to enter and last person to leave AdventHealth Training Center whenever players are allowed to be in the facility. White and Winston have the ability to be the cornerstones of the franchise for years to come in Offense and Defense. If White is going to be the quarterback of the Defense, then he is going to have to follow in Winston’s footsteps in terms of putting in the work and effort outside of practice.

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