Bucs Biggest Blowouts

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Hey! Hey! Tampa Bay fans! Hope everyone is ready for another trip into Bucs history. Today’s topic is about some of the Buccaneers biggest blowout victories in history. Guess what? The  Bucs beatdown of the Oakland Raiders wasn’t even the closest of ones.

According to Bucs long time beat writer Scott Smith, here are six blowouts that the Bucs have produced in their franchise history. 

1. Tampa Bay vs. Chicago in September of 2000:

The Bucs played their old NFC Central rival in the Bears and gave them a historic beatdown which the Bucs have not produced in a while. The fun part about this game was the Bucs winning in a shut-out 41-0.


2. Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta in September of 1987:

For this one, it was the season-opener for the Buccaneers under quarterback Steve DeBerg. DeBerg threw for five touchdowns which was a Buccaneers single-game record at the time. This has now been done by three other Buccaneer QBs in Brad Johnson, Josh Freeman, and current Bucs QB Jameis Winston. Also, it was former head coach Ray Perkins first game as Bucs head coach at the time, and they won the game 48-10.


3. Tampa Bay vs. Cincinnati in December of 1998:

This win was one of the biggest blowouts in a road victory against the Bengals. Tampa did not disappoint and funny enough former Bucs QB Trent Dilfer had a 50-yard bomb to WR Robb Thomas. The Bucs led at halftime 28-0. They finished off the game in a snooze by only scoring a touchdown and winning the game 35-0.


4. Tampa Bay vs. Green Bay in November of 1981:

This game was an interesting one due to the Buccaneers having a chance to win the NFC Central crown. It was the start of a three-game winning streak. The Bucs exposed Packers QB David Whitehurst in his first and last game of the 1981 season and the Bucs just kept running down the Packers throats to a 37-3 defeat.


5. Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta in December of 2007:

This one is an extraordinary one due to this being the one season of former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino in the NFL after a successful career at Louisville. Petrino had resigned to take the job at Arkansas before this game and the season was the first without former Falcons QB Michael Vick. Atlanta trotted out there with current Bucs OC Byron Leftwich, Chris Redman and the infamous Joey Harrington as their QBs. The Bucs duo in Michael Pittman & Earnest Graham along with Michael Bennett help the ground game with 192 rushing yards to pounce the Falcons 37-3.


6. Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco in November of 2004:

Since the Buccaneers start their 2019 campaign with the 49ers, this game is one reason the games against the Niners are somewhat not competitive. The Buccaneers blew them out in the 2002 playoffs and this game was another one in the series with the Bucs blowing them out by 32 points with a score of 35-3.

As you can see, the Buccaneers can be on the positive side of big blowout wins and always know that NFL Sunday’s are any given Sunday as well.

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