Secondary Drafted Last Few Years. Did Bucs Do Enough to Fix Bottom Feeding Defensive Backfield?

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers weakness has been their secondary. It seems as if once Monte Kiffen left, everything just went downhill. Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik attempted to beef up the defensive backs by signing stand out safety from the San Francisco 49ers Dashon Goldson, drafting a sure to be stud Mark Barron and then for the big haul, they traded for Darrell Revis. At the time, fans and even the Buccaneers’ media personnel claimed it was a “No fly zone”. Well, we all know how that turned out.

Fast forward a few years later and the Buccaneers are still the bottom feeders when it comes to pass defense. The past two years, the Buccaneers have drafted six defensive backs (three in 2018 and three in 2019). After drafting three in 2018, why would the team still feel the need to draft three more the following year? The players are still developing and likely will only get better, right? Honestly, who knows. All we know is the Bucs secondary was BAD last year, finishing 26th in passing yards allowed. Yes, I suppose the team could’ve waited a year to see how the sophomores would play in 2019. But then what? If the defense finishes in the bottom 25 again, the team is back to square one. Bucco Bruce Arians and Jason Licht did the right thing in drafting another three defensive backs. They put their foot down and looked at the roster and practically said, “our secondary stinks and this is not enough.”

But will drafting all these defensive backs be enough? The Buccaneers have struggled with staying durable and six early draft picks in the past two years will add plenty of depth. However, the draft pick that will benefit the Bucs the most with the pass defense, linebacker Devin White. I’m not trying to knock Lavonte David, but according to Pro Football Focus, David allowed a whopping 647 yards in coverage last season. Second most allowed for all linebackers. David is a talented player of course, he’s a huge part of the defense. But drafting Devin White who could potentially be his coverage replacement is huge. There’s a lot of star running backs and tight ends in the NFC South and their yards are often not thought about (not really surprising when you have to play against guys like Mike Thomas and Julio Jones). White taking over that role will be huge and we will all be seeing a difference on Sundays.

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