Bucs Going Into the 2019 Season with 3 QBs or more?

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The Buccaneers currently have 4 QBs on their roster heading into training camp. These QBs are number 1 overall pick in 2015 Jameis Winston, 10th overall pick in 2011 Blaine Gabbert, 6 year NFL veteran who has never played a down Ryan Griffin, and undrafted rookie Nick Fitzgerald. Bruce Arians multiple seasons went into the year with 3 QBs in Arizona.

Training camp and preseason will determine exactly who fits in where on the roster. Will the backup job go to Blaine Gabbert or Ryan Griffin? Will Nick Fitzgerald stay on the roster as an all around player?

The Buccaneers have kept Ryan Griffin around because they have faith in him playing if something were to ever happen to Jameis.

Blaine Gabbert was brought in as an experience veteran with 56 games played and 48 of them started. Gabbert was in Arizona for Arians final season there before Arians “retired” so he has a familiarity with the system.

Nick Fitzgerald got a guaranteed contract after being signed immediately after he was undrafted. Fitzgerald broke records at Mississippi State and in the SEC rushing and passing so the Bucs coaching staff can use him wherever they feel necessary and not necessarily at QB. He can be utilized as a Taysom Hill kind of player.

Will the Bucs go into the season with more than 2 QBs? The answer is yes. Bruce Arians will utilize Winston, Gabbert, Griffin, and Fitzgerald. Jameis Winston will be the one getting all of the reps though unless something happens to him during the season.

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