What Byron Leftwich Said He Needs From Jameis Winston to Make Him a Successful QB in 2019

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A teams overall success always starts at the quarterback position. Since joining the NFL, the Buccaneers haven’t exactly had that star quarterback. In 2015, everything was supposed to change. After drafting Jameis Winston, the quarterback hype in Tampa was at an all-time high. However, his production has been just about average. A lot of people would put the blame on coaching. Well, there’s a brand new coaching staff, and the offensive coordinator said what he think would make Jameis Winston successful.


The first thing I told Jameis is, ‘I just need honesty.” Said Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. “I don’t care what the answer is, just give me honesty,’ because once I know how he’s winding and how he thinks, I can begin to call plays for him. It’s hard to really communicate and talk to people you don’t know. So, we’ve been building from the day I’ve been in here. Jameis and I are building a friendship also, like I’m doing with the rest of these players, we’re building friendships with these guys because that’s what you ultimately want. Family — everybody preaches family around the league, but this is what it means.


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Byron Leftwich will be calling the offensive plays in 2019, the first time in his respected career that Bruce Arians will be giving up those duties. Bruce Arians has tremendous confidence in Leftwich, when BA was hired in January, he explained, “I always said I would never give up [playcalling] and look over anybody’s shoulder until I found one I knew could do it. I think he’s a rising star in this business.” via ESPN’s Jenna Laine.

Regardless, if Byron Leftwich says he needs honesty, Jameis Winston needs to give him just that. This season is Jameis Winston’s most important season in his career. If he wants to get a nice payday, he’ll need to keep all communication honest with himself and the entire coaching staff. Things are looking pretty promising for the offense this season, but it seems the only thing that is holding Jameis Winston back from eating W’s, is himself.

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