Jameis Winston: 3 Rules of Football

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Last week, Jameis Winston hosted football camps in his home state of Alabama. During the Friday camp, Winston told the kids that he has 3 rules of football. What are the the three rules of football? Never give up, never give up, never give up. These children will follow their dreams because Winston tells them that anything in life is possible and they should never give up on what they believe in.

Never give up is a motto that many people live by in life. These words are definitely words that Winston lives by. He doesn’t give up when it comes to anything in life especially football. Last year when Winston was on the bench for turnovers and Ryan Fitzpatrick was starting, Winston never gave up and ended up becoming the starting QB once again with a different mindset towards the end of the year. If the Bucs gets a Winston with a never give up attitude and fewer turnovers this season, it should be a season to remember with our soon to be franchise QB.

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