Jameis Winston Hosted Special Olympics Florida Athletes Last Weekend at the Jameis Winston Football ProCamp and Loved It!

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Last week, QB Jameis Winston hosted his annual Jameis Winston Football ProCamp in Tampa at the AdventHealth Training Center. Winston held this camp for children grades 1-8 around the Tampa area. There were 75 Special Olympics Florida athletes who attended this camp as well. This is the 4th consecutive year that Winston has invited and covered the costs of these children to participate in his camp.

Jameis Winston loves the opportunity to go out and have a great time with the kids and give back whenever he can. Jameis goes out there and makes sure that each and every kid has the same opportunities and nobody is better than anybody else. Winston said I just wanted to take that extra step to invite them every year to this camp and just to show the kids, we’re all on the same page. That’s what my foundation is all about — evening the playing grounds for everybody to be successful and everybody to learn how to dream, and instilling in every one of these kids that they can do whatever they want to, whatever they put their mind to, they really can dream forever.

Winston truly believes that we need to invest in the future at the current moment. In Winston’s mind, anything is possible if you believe and him hosting the Special Olympics athletes at his camp proves that. He wants the future generation to not be scared of any challenge and him and his camp volunteers go out of their way to show the kids this. Jameis Winston will always do whatever it takes to make the kids feel like they belong and nothing can stop them in life if they put their mind to it.

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