Mr. Selmon’s Legacy

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Hey! Hey! Tampa Bay! A special event went down this past week and it was a very special one indeed. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer player and former USF athletic director Lee Roy Selmon had a statue unveiled in Downtown Tampa this past week.

New Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, fellow Buccaneers and USF staff members, and his family were there for the Late Mr. Selmon, who untimely passed in 2011 and was felt all over the Tampa Bay community. His legacy continued on with a chain of restaurants and  having one of the main expressways named after him.

However, this statue unveiled on last would be just another icon in this great mans legacy and it is a lasting one. Selmon, who played for the Buccaneers since their inception into the NFL in 1976,  he played until he had a career-ending back injury in 1984. 2 years later, he had his number retired by the franchise and then he went to serve as an assistant athletic director at USF from 1993-2001. He then moved up in to the athletic director’s role until health issues led to his retirement in 2004.

Former Tampa Bay Times reporter Rick Stroud who covered Mr. Selmon during his time with the Bucs and followed him after his times at USF spoke highly on Lee Roy’s character and impact in the Tampa Bay community. Stroud said, “He did a lot. And he did a lot off the field. We know what he has meant to the community. So, if you are looking for a template of what the Bucs organization wanted to be, he was everything both on and off the field,”.

Thank you Mr. Selmon for all you have done and your legacy will be remembered forever!!!!

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