REPORT: NFL Pre-Season Game To Be Played In Canada

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Chucky, A-Rod and AB are all coming north of the border.

The Oakland Raiders will host the Green Bay Packers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for a pre-season week 3 game on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019. The game is scheduled for a 7 p.m. (Central Time) kickoff at IG Field.

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Over the previous six months, the Raiders have worked with sports management company “On Ice Entertainment” to locate and establish a host site for the first NFL game in Canada. The Buffalo Bills played games at Toronto’s Rogers Centre each year from 2008-13 making it the first return in six years to have the NFL game play north of the US border.

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Aaron Rodgers & DeVante Adams | CREDIT: CBS

The game will also make the Raiders, who will host the Chicago Bears at Tottenham Stadium in London, England on October. 6th; the first-ever NFL team to play games in three different nations in a single season.

ATB Founder Kellen Pooles is born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. He will be in attendance during this special event. NFL and football in general is huge up in Winnipeg. The city has a CFL team named the “Winnipeg Blue Bombers” and as well as an NHL team most Lightning fans know, the “Winnipeg Jets”. Winnipeg also was a host city for the Woman’s FIFA World Cup a few years back.

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IG Field during a CFL game. The stadium roof was designed/built by the Seattle Seahawks stadium engineers.| Credit: WPP

Ticket Prices: (CAD)  – *Note: USD higher than the CAD dollar. Americans will pay less.

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