Justin Evans Setback?

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It has been reported that the Buccaneers’ safety, Justin Evans has been seen in a boot on his left foot this week. Which concerned many, being that last season a toe injury on his right foot put him on IR. Greg Auman, writer for The Athletic, cleared things up for fans on twitter, “Not only is [Justin Evans injury] now a heel and not a toe, it’s on the other foot.” then Auman went on to say, “Two distinct injuries. Expected to be healthy for training camp.”

Head coach Bucco Bruce Arians also cleared the air when asked about Justin Evans boot, “[Evans] just had another procedure, let it calm down and keep moving.” Arians didn’t seem very concerned in the slightest which is very promising. Arians also made an intriguing quote saying that every player is on track to be ready for training camp, besides the Bucs 2018 leading pass rusher, Jason Pierre-Paul.

But how will those two injuries cause a set-back in production for Justin Evans? It’s not like the Buccaneers have the greatest depth in the world at defensive back. And Justin Evans is expected to have a big year this season.

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