Buccaneers Annual Pediatric Cancer Event

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Imagine walking around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Advent Health Training Center and hearing the sounds of hair clippers buzzing and seeing members of the Buccaneers organization with crazy looking haircuts. Seeing people make “ooh” and “awe” sounds including ones with the various colors of dyed facial hair.

Last Thursday, the Buccaneers and their foundation held there annual “Cut for a Cure for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation”. From the Buccaneers website, the annual event raised $100,000 that directly goes for research in the local community and in total, they have raised over $400,000 the last 7 years. For the Pediatric cancer patients and survivors, this is an amazing feat for them to see grow over the years and helping to get that ultimate goal of finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer.


With the various players who made donations to the foundation, there were two standouts in Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston and starting Center Ryan Jensen, who gave a total amount of $17,500 for the cause. Being a fellow cancer survivor, I can see look in those kids’ eyes and seeing that cancer is a horrible disease and that the time they get to spend with their favorite players and team is a reminder that football is just a game. The impact off the field is so much rewarding.

For Jameis Winston, who has been at the event every year since being drafted by the Buccaneers back in 2015, he sees some familiar faces having his own charity in the Jameis Winston Dream Foundation. The children always have this positive vibe around them and watching his hair dyed red is a new look for him.



For Ryan Jensen, who is in his second year in Tampa he mentioned to always give back any compacity and was quoted saying, “It’s something that definitely needs that funding and it’s awesome watching these kids who are sick and how excited they are to come here and hang out with us. It gives us joy when they’re in there having so much fun. I say this a lot, these kinds of things are the real fun part of the job.”



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