Gerald McCoy Said He Doesn’t Care Where He’s Living He Just Wants to Win

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Like him, love him or hate him. No matter how you feel about Gerald McCoy, he was a big part of Tampa during the 2010s. Following his release on May 20th, McCoy stated, “I want to win. I’m not worried about where I’m living. Wherever I got to go to win. Everybody’s open.” per Josina Anderson, ESPN. It will be tough to see McCoy in a different uniform, but seeing him on a winning team will be refreshing. If anyone deserves it, it’s him.

Tampa Bay’s record since acquiring Gerald McCoy was 52-92. Having a mere two winning seasons and zero playoff appearances throughout his career. McCoy has visited the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and is scheduled to meet with the Carolina Panthers today. All three teams are potential contenders. The Browns have a legitimate chance to take the next step forward and are in win-now mode. They showed that with the recent additions like Kareem Hunt and Odell Beckham Jr. If McCoy joins forces with Cleveland, he will have a very talented roster surrounding him. The Ravens don’t have the same star studded roster as the Browns. But it seems year after year no matter who they have, they make it work. Last year the team made it to the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. They’re always at the very least in the hunt and adding McCoy would help reassure that. As for the Panthers, there’s not much to say other than they’re in a very tough division and finished 7-9 last season. But I’m sure McCoy would be a little more than happy to play his former team twice a year.

No matter what happens, Tampa is very grateful for the years Gerald McCoy has gave the city. The ATB, BLN team and all of the Tampa Bay community wishes the all-pro nothing but the best. Thank you and good luck, Gerald McCoy.

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