If The Buccaneers Were Avengers

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In some multi-verse…. Football is the way to save the universe. Teams are set with unique skill traits and some even have abilities. In this edition, what players on the Buccaneers would be equivalent to Marvel’s Avengers.

(Potential Avengers: Endgame Spoilers)




-This Buccaneers Avengers team, could not be ‘complete’ if OJ Howard-Stark was not on it. OJ Howard is going to be the main puzzle piece for this Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense. He works so hard by providing blocking help in the trenches and looking good for the camera’s while he goes and gets a huge play. He will provide the all the tools, goods and touchdowns.


-The man of time. Mike Evans has gotten 1k+ yards every season since entering the league in 2014. Still-to-date one of the NFL’s most under-rated WR. From sacrifice on and off the field. Family man, morally responsible, doesn’t quit. He can do it all day. Mike Evans, you will get your recognition soon.

THOR – QB Jameis Winston

-Jameis Winston is the Lightning and Thunder to our Offense. He has made mistakes in the past, but has made also very good ones. There are times he has shown us that he is one of the best, and times where he shows he is very weak. *Cough-Thor-Cough* … There are time he has been dragged down in the media, locally and nationally, many have still hoping for the best in the young QB. Some have lost faith. Time will tell as Asgardians live long lives. (NFL Careers) But he is not the “God Of Hammers”, he is the “God Of Thunder”. Jameis has that lightning in his veins. Now Bruce Arians is the Storm-breaker. Don’t worry Jameis, chubby or not like Thor, you are still worthy.

HULK – DT Ndamukong Suh

-We will scare opposing teams with Suh on the line. We know what he can be and sometimes its too much that can hurt the team. Nobody wants to get stomped on like Hulk does. But Trust me, I think we want to see him get angry. “Hulk…. SMASH” …… “Suh…. SMASH”.

BLACK PANTHER – LB Lavonte David

-The lone King on our defense. Currently the longest lasting Buccaneer on the Defense. Lavonte David does not like the Politics of the sport, just like T ‘Challa. His skill trait, leadership & ability is like Vibranium. Valuable and Strong.


– Arguably could be our most powerful weapon on the Defense this year. Just like Carol Danvers. Devin White has the explosiveness, power, speed and can really hit hard. Devin White could come in and make an immediate impact.

ROCKET RACCOON – CB Vernon Hargreaves III

-VHIII will be the man who finally steps up to the plate in 2019. The big year. VHIII is Rocket Raccoon due to their ability to create something out of nothing. The noise they both create is loud. Plus Vernons evil laugh reminds me of when Rocket laughs in utter joy. If pushed properly, VHIII gets momentum in his play. Dirk did not utilize him properly, with a new perspective VHIII will have one hell of a year under DC Todd Bowles.

SPIDER MAN  – WR Chris Godwin 

-Mr. Hands. He can catch them all. Chris Godwin will be Spiderman this year. Prediction: Chris Godwin will rack up over 1k yards this season. He will catch almost everything. Spidey-Grip.

HAWKEYE – FS Justin Evans

-Justin Evans is going to be a “Ball-Hawk” in this secondary. He is arguably one of the most athletic players on the entire team. Evans is willing to go all out, leap high and pin-point the ball in the air. He will be the one to complete the secondary in 2019.


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