2019 NFL Rule Changes

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The 2019 NFL Season has a few changes coming in terms of the rulebook. The rule changes include: kickoff experiment from last season being permanent, abolishing all blindside blocks, pass interference called or not called being reviewable, scoring plays and turnovers negated by turnovers being reviewable, any extra point or two-point conversion reviewable and many more.



-The kickoff experiment from last season was where the kickoff team must have 5 players on either side of the kicker and stay still until the ball is kicked. The running start advantage for kickoff teams is no longer an option.

-The blindside blocks have been abolished and if you’re caught doing it, your team will be charged a 15 yard personal foul penalty. This was made to prevent injuries to opposing players that don’t see it coming.

-The league decided that pass interference, scoring plays and turnovers negated by penalties, and extra points should be reviewable. The reason they chose pass interference whether called or not is because of how it changed the outcome of the NFC Championship game last season. Scoring plays and turnovers negated by penalties may be retired due to the possibility of a referee making a call that was incorrect on the field. Extra points being reviewable now is happening because those 1 or 2 points make a huge difference in nail biting games.

-Teams may now enforce a personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct committed during a touchdown on the PAT or the ensuing kickoff. The extra point is already a 32 yard kick so a 15 yard penalty could make a big difference on whether or not a team gets the point after touchdown.

-The referees may also now disqualify players for flagrant football plays in addition to the already enforceable non football plays.

NOTE: The league did not vote on a proposed rule which would give each team the opportunity to possess the ball even if the first team scores a touchdown. This rule would’ve come in handy for teams like Kansas City last season in the AFC Championship game but the league owners aren’t even giving it any attention after the owners meetings.

These rule changes are just some of the ways that the NFL is looking to change the game of football. The intentions are for a faster game of football which doesn’t include dirty plays and prevents injuries.


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