Buccaneers QB Room Breakdown

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Buccaneers QB room breakdown

The Buccaneers currently have 4 Quarterbacks on their roster for the offseason camps and workout. The 4 QBs are Jameis Winston, Ryan Griffin, Blaine Gabbert and Nick Fitzgerald. The obvious starter in this room is Jameis Winston who is headed into his 5th season in the NFL (all with Tampa). Ryan Griffin is headed into his 7th season in the NFL (5th with Tampa) and has not taken a regular season snap. Blaine Gabbert is headed into his 9th season in the NFL (1st with Tampa) and has been a starter and a backup throughout the league including Jacksonville, San Francisco, Arizona, and Tennessee. Nick Fitzgerald is a rookie out of Mississippi State and will be working hard to make this roster.

Jameis Winston will be working through a 5th year team option season with the Buccaneers at $20.9M this season. Winston has been up and down throughout his NFL career including a rocky 4th season last year but Head Coach Bruce Arians came to Tampa for Jameis because he believes in him. Winston has broken the Buccaneers franchise record for TDs thrown by a QB already and is on pace to break the yardage record as well this upcoming season. Winston has a lot to prove but Arians has made it clear that the starting job is for Winston.

Ryan Griffin has been somebody who has been with Tampa through the whole NFL career of Jameis Winston. Griffin has always been the backup or the backup to the backup so he has never seen a regular season snap. The Buccaneers brass believed in Griffin so much that they re-signed him this offseason to a 2 year, $2.9M contract. Griffin may once again be the backup to the backup as Tampa brought in Blaine Gabbert.

Blaine Gabbert was brought in because he had some familiarity with both the league and Bruce Arians. Blaine Gabbert has started 48 games in the NFL with a record of 13-35. This record doesn’t really stand out as a positive but his NFL experience does. He has been around the league so there’s some veteran leadership in the locker room like Ryan Fitzpatrick last season.

Nick Fitzgerald may or may not be the odd man out in this QB rotation. Fitzgerald is coming into Tampa as an undrafted free agent. Plenty of people believe that Fitzgerald could be the type of player that Taysom Hill is here in Tampa. Taysom Hill does it all for New Orleans and Fitzgerald stated that whatever the coaches needed him to do he would do. He has a chip on his shoulder and the way he would make the Bucs roster for 2019 is as a versatility player.

Overall, the Bucs QB room is in good hands. Winston knows that he is under pressure this season and continues to work hard and strive to be the best QB he can be. Griffin continues to be ready in case something were to happen to Winston. Gabbert is extra leadership for the team and could still potentially be the backup. Fitzgerald may not make the team as a QB but if he ever gets thrown into the game as a QB, he’ll be just fine.

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