Jameis Winless?

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Is Jameis Winston a bust? That’s the question that no one seems to have the answer to. While Winston has set numerous Buccaneer records and became the 1st Bucs QB to play past their rookie contract, his future remains up in the air. Winston was selected 1st overall in the 2015 NFL Draft being selected by fellow Heisman winner Marcus Mariota, who went 2nd. Now 4 years into their careers sees Winston with 14,628 passing yards, 88 passing touchdowns, 58 interceptions with a career completion percentage of 61.6. While Winston’s individual stats are great, he currently has a win-loss record of 21-33(38.9). While Winston’s turnovers are a problem he’s had since his days at Florida State, how much of it is actually his fault?


The Buccaneers defense has been unbelievably bad since Winston got there in 2015. The Bucs during that four-year span have only had a TOP 15 defense ONE time being in 2016. The other times they were 26th, 22nd, and 31st. Another reason is the under lack of a running game. Ever since Doug Martin rushed for over 1400 yards in Winston’s rookie year, the Bucs have yet to find a back to break 1,000 yards. Without the running game, it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on Winston, who throws 30-40 times a game. People rave about the receiving corps that Winston possesses, but he can’t get the ball to the receivers without Offensive-Line help.

Since Jameis Winston has been in the league, he’s been sacked 122 times. He averages getting sacked 30.5 times a season. In the 2018 season alone, he was sacked 27 times despite playing only 9 games. While Winston has his faults, he is a talented Quarterback and far from a bust. Before you just dismiss Winston ask yourself this if you were drafted to a team, that had no O- line, running game or even an adequate defense, how well would you do? And despite all the adversity Winston has still never thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in a season.

His completion percentage also rose every year since being in the league. If I had to draw percentages for the blame, I would say 25% Winston and 75% Buccaneers. I strongly believe any professional football team can build a winning organization around Jameis Winston.


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