LVD to 3-4 MLB?

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Going into the 2019 season Buccaneers All-Pro Linebacker LaVonte David has faced many challenges in his career. With the change of coaches, front office staff, and defensive schemes it has been a lot for one to handle, and now under the leadership of Head Coach Bruce Arians and Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles new defensive system, it seems this change could benefit LVD’s skill set.

In Coach Bowles 3-4 defensive scheme this is a difficult one to master and learn. But with David’s ability to be aggressive and able to be a ball hawk, he should be able to learn and adapt to possibly becoming the middle linebacker for the Bucs.

According to an article from SB Nation Gang Green Nation, they wrote,what we could see under Bowles scheme which he had when he was the defensive coordinator at Arizona and the New York Jets head coach and defensive play caller.”

The three principles of his defense, they said are, “It’s aggressive, it adapts to the opponent, and it adapts to the players.”

For David, he is aggressive and is very instinctive to the ball and can read where the plays are going and from reporter Greg Cosell stated, “Now, you could argue that they don’t have a pure pass-rusher, but this is where Bowles comes in. This team blitzes more than any team in the NFL, and they blitz more on first down than any team in the NFL, and they’re creative with their pressures. They’re also very good with disguise.”

Adapting to the opponent an example of what the 3-4 does when the Cardinals under Bowles coaching it ended former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray’s streak of 100-yard games during the 2014 season.

Lastly, players can adapt to the scheme and from the article, they quote from former Cardinals star defensive end, Darnell Dockett, “This defense is based on guys and what their ability allows them to be good at. What they were drafted for.” Based on a scouting report on Lavonte they pointed out he has blazing speed, excellent instincts, extremely reliable tackler, and is very athletic. Things that Bowles can use to his advantage in using David in the inside of the 3-4.

For David, the sky’s the limit for him to become that all-pro linebacker that he has shown flashes of being.

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