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Hey! Hey! Tampa Bay it’s time for another edition of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blast from the past and today’s article is going to be another one of those cult figures of the Buccaneers creamsicle days.

In Mr. Chidi Ahanotu, he was a proud member of the Buccaneers from 1993-2000 and then returned for one last ride in 2004.

Chidi was born in Modesto, California on October 11, 1970, to a Nigerian father and his mother was from Alaska. Being the middle child of his siblings, he learned the other “football” in soccer when he was around five years old and has a passion for cooking. Growing up Mr. Ahanotu attended Berkeley High School and played football and rugby where he was a letterman there.

After high school, he decided to go attend the University of California and worked on being a walk-on for the squad and his ability got him on the squad and after his 2nd season showing what he could do on the football field, he was promoted to the starting left defensive end and earned a full athletic scholarship. Ahanotu stayed on for three more seasons and earned 1st team All-Pac 10 honors for being the best at his position.

Once he finished his time at Cal, he went into the 1993 NFL Draft and was selected by the Buccaneers in the sixth round. Chidi played in Tampa for eight seasons and after his eighth season he was let go and signed on four one-year deals with St. Louis, Buffalo, San Francisco, and Miami before he came back to Tampa to finish his NFL career.

To this day he was considered the Buccaneers “Franchise Player” in 1999 and he is ranked in the Top 100 All-Time Buccaneers coming in ranked at number forty-six.

After retiring in 2005 he founded his own Talent Management Firm where he continues that today.

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