Buccaneers Need Another Cornerback

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During this current free agency period, the Buccaneers have been very quiet in the cornerback market. In my previous article, I wrote about the various options at the cornerback position that remain in free agency, and it’s interesting to see the Bucs being so silent. Considering we are losing a couple of corners, Grimes and Elliot.

Currently, the Buccaneers have Vernon Hargreaves III, Carlton Davis, De’Vante Harris, David Rivers, Ryan Smith, and M.J. Stewart, who is said to be moving to safety, will that be enough? With the corners, having only two interceptions between them all, Smith and VH3, I would expect the Buccaneers to seek strong, talented additions to the position.

With the fifth pick in this years’ draft, there are options. But that would be really high for a cornerback this season, due to the depth of defensive lineman, and QB needy teams that are in or move up to the top 5-10 spots. I wouldn’t expect the Bucs to go that high on a defensive back unless they are a real deal shutdown corner and a verified game changer.

LSU’s Andraez “Greedy” Williams and Georgia’s DeAndre Baker, are currently the top-two cornerbacks in this draft. The Bucs could risk it and draft Williams who is a number one corner with his length and aggressive play, while Baker is a magnet with his ability to mirror wide receivers and stuff running backs. So at five, the sky’s the limit, but with GM Jason Licht’s recent drafts, he has traded down to gain more assets, and if trading down is the better option, and if Williams or Baker is on the board, the Bucs could take one of them.

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